Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have been in the knitting mood lately. I think it's because of all the cold weather we have been having lately. This was a vest that I knit about a year ago when I had just started knitting. I never wore it because the ribbing around the arms was way to big. So I ripped out the stitches and tried it again picking up less stitches around the arm than I did the last time. It's not perfect but it is wearable now.

A few hats I knit for my daughter, son-in-law and grand kids. These were knit in the round so no seaming makes them a quick knit. Now they will be ready for the snow that is coming our way this weekend.


  1. Love your knitting projects. The cardigan came out fabulous.

  2. Whoa! You made that vest! It looks really good. I'm in awe of folks who can knit/crochet wearable clothing.


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