Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Been A While!

I can't believe it's been almost two months since I last posted! I have been a bad blogger :( I have make a few things in the last few weeks so I will work on posting them. First up is this little top.
McCalls 5977

This is a quick and easy top to make. I was able to make it out of just one yard of fabric. The printed fabric is a poly that I got at handcock fabrics for just $2.99 a yard. Yep just cost me $3.00 to make this can't beat that.

I make the cream coloured one first with fabric that cost me....wait for it $1.50 a yard. The fit was not to bad but I did have some fabric pooling in the lower back. I decided to add a center back seam on the printed one so I could adjust the back for sway back adjustment.

I made view B and will make some of the other views I'm sure. My daughter loved it so I will have to make one for her next .

Ok got to go get ready for work. I'll try posting some more later this week. I made this mcCalls jacket.


  1. Nice tops. I need to puts some easy, stylish tops at the "top" of my list. Shari don't feel too bad about not blogging. I haven't posted very much lately.

  2. I like both of your tops. I did not have the success you had with this top. Very nice job on both.

  3. Lovely tops and looking forward to your jacket.

  4. Gorgeous tops - I love ruffles!

  5. I have this pattern on the to-do list. Love how it looks with the patterned fabric!


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