Thursday, July 29, 2010

Got mail

I picked up some Vogue and McCall's patterns at Hancock's $3.99 and $.99 sale today. I really  need to get  started on my fall sewing but it's just so HOT here that it makes fall seem so far away right now.
I  ordered some fabric from came this week. I got some pretty Olivia's holiday cottons that I'm going to  use to make some aprons.Some medium weight cottons in black and white to make up some purses. and some stretch cotton sateen in faded blue (looks like a demin) that I hope to use it for my first Colette pattern The Beignet skirt pattern that I also got from
Over the past month I have also order some books from amazon. I just got the Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells the other day and have really enjoyed looking at all the retro hairstyles.I highly recommend this book it really breaks it down for you with step by step instructions on how to achieve these great retro looks. I seem to be into all things retro right now I have even been watching a lot of the old movies on net flicks.The style's that I seem to like the most are from the 1950s.
The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr looks like it will be a great little book to help me with what to  wear for my body type. I have a hard time sometimes knowing what will look good on me so hopefully this will help me out:) I have also make one apron from the The Perfect Apron by Rob Merrett and it turned out cute. I love the aprons in this book I think I would make all but maybe a couple of them.  I bought the book The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin because I have been thinking about selling some of the stuff I make. Great little book with a wealth of information in it.
Well time to get back to cutting out some patterns and watching an old movie on net flicks
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  1. Wow, you got a lot of items!!! Don't you love it when there is a package waiting for you with sewing related goodies. I got a package today, it was serger thread and needles, but it always feels like it is Christmas or my birthday.

  2. I bought the 1189 pattern today too!

    The book on vintage hairstyles looks nice. I have tried several times to fix my hair in victory rolls for swing dance but it never works.

  3. Great patterns! I finally got my email today that my BMV order has shipped! And I love making aprons! But I haven't even thought of holiday gifts yet. It's great that you're getting started! Thanks for the book list I'll be checking those out really soon!

  4. You've got some great looking purchases there. I keep thinking that I'd like to make an apron - I'll have to check out that book.

  5. Great load of goodies. I've purchased 2 apron patterns and only remember them when I am at my moms or sisters' and

  6. Great picks for sewing. You have a nice amount of new fall projects ahead of you, now.

  7. nice fabric choices! i think my favorite is the aqua-teal print on the back left, would make a gorgeous apron!


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