Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Month

Last month was a busy one for my husband and I. My daughter and her two sons have moved in with us and it has been a adjustment for all of us. My sewing area is the dinning room table so having a three year old in the house has made it tough to get much sewing done.It's not a good idea to leave scissors, pins, rotary cutters etc..out on the table for a curious three year old. Since we are hoping that she and the boys will be staying with us for a year or so we have started renovating the basement so she can have a living area with a bedroom and bath room. Hopefully this will give us all a little more space and and breathing room from each other:) It's has been fun having the grand-kids living here with us. My 6 year old grandson wanted me to teach him how to knit. So I got out the largest knitting needles I could find and showed him how to knit a few stitches. After we knit a couple of  rows together he asked if we were almost finished knitting his scarf  LOL. I think knitting may be a little to slow for him. Maybe we will move on to sewing next.

I'm slowly getting back into sewing a few wardrobe basics ( cardi's and knit tops) I have also been enjoying do a little beading. It fulfills my need to be crafty.
A few pics for you below.

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  1. Your necklaces are lovely!! I particularly like the one with the off center heart shaped charm.

    It is fun to have kiddos around, but it can be a challenge to sew around them. Mine think the pincushion looks like fun...

  2. I love the one with the red colored beads! So pretty.

  3. Lovely necklaces and my favorite is the necklace with red/black beads.


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