Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Sewing

Well, summer is coming to an end and I think it's time to start thinking about some fall sewing. I have started working on a trench coat in an animal printed suede this past week after reading that animal prints are going to be part of the fall trend for this year. Other than that, I'm not sure what else I want to add to my fall wardrobe.
Oh I know that I need some pants and I really want to try this new vogue pants pattern, but I've been working out and following a low glycemic diet in the hopes of losing some weight and getting in better shape. So I don't want to put all the work into getting the fit just right and then in a month or so they don't fit anymore. Oh how i hope this is the case. 

Another problem that I have is that I need to stop buying fabric and patterns and work with what I already have. I work at a fabric store so the temptation to buy more yummy fall fabrics is always there( I must be strong and resist lol). I'm sure my bank account and hubby would thank me :)

So let me ask you this. When your planing what your going to make do you 1) first pick out the pattern you like then go to your stash and see what you've got that would work with that pattern or 2) you pick a fabric that you like first and then decide which pattern would work with it?

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed by patterns and fabrics and my head starts to spin and all I end up with is a big mess of fabric and patterns on the sewing room floor with no decision made. So, I get to go through the process all over  again a few days later :(

Anyhow, I hope your all having a better time planning your fall sewing. I would love to hear what every one else has planned. Maybe then I could steal some of your ideas lol.
OK, I'm off to make another mess with fabric and patterns but maybe this time I'll actually get something picked out.

Here's A peek at the trench coat


  1. I like the new blog header.
    Great print for your trench. I haven't begun thinking about fall & winter, although they are my favorite seasons. When I do plan, I check out my pattern stash and then check out my fabric stash to pair with the patterns. If I don't have fabric for the pattern selected, I then begin the hunt and end up with more

  2. I have just started planning for my fall wardrobe, I hope to start pinning fabric to pattern and hopefully I dont change my mind after . back to your question, sometimes i just buy pattern with no fabric in the stash and once i get the right fabric I go grab the pattern, or vice vesa .
    Love your new blog

  3. Oh ... you are so right ... I also I have to stop buying so much clutter fabrics .... however, my mental projects always ahead of me ... I always I have a long list of projects to do and so little time ... Love your blog and your sewing, so I'm your new follower.


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