Sunday, December 11, 2011


I started to knit this little Cardin in the spring and never did finish it. This fall I got it back out of the forever growing unfinished knitting stash and finished it.

The pattern came out of this book..New England Knits
The Cardin is a simple top down construction. I love top down knits because it requires very little seaming.
I got the yarn at Jo-Ann's. The colour of this yarn caught my eye one day when I was in the store picking up a sewing pattern. It turned out to be the perfect colour for fall.
I love how the leaf detail turned out. It was a lot easier to do that I first thought it would be.

I would highly recommend this book it has so many wonderful patterns.

I have still not had any time to sew.

My husband I have become the caregivers for two of our grandchildren. Ally who is just 7 weeks old and Kameron who is 4 years old. So things have been busy around here. It's been  hmmmm a few years since I had to get up for night feeds and let me tell you I'm worn out :) But it's totally worth it because the kids need us right now and so you do what you have to do. I quit my little job at the fabric store so I could be here with the grand kids so no more employee discount on fabric but I have so much of the stuff that I could open my own fabric store lol. Of course I may have to buy some  fabric to make cute dresses and such for the baby.... I'm sure you understand :)

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  1. Hooray for UFO busting... of the purl variety!

  2. Very nice cardigan.

  3. Well done, Shari. The sweater is beautiful and looks great on you.

  4. Such a pretty sweater and am a big fan of top down sweaters.


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