Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have been trying to put a little more balance back into my life. I can become a bit to focused on one thing, like my sewing. I will get into just wanting to sew or plan what I want to sew or shop for fabric for sewing. You get the point! So this past couple of weeks I have been making myself work on other stuff that I need to get done.

I began with working on painting some furniture a friend of mine give to me. It's a bedroom set that had some dark stain on it so I thought I would paint it a brighter colour. The colour I choose is called cottage white. I'm really liking how it is looking so far.

Finally, a few years ago I thought I would try quitting so I got some fabric made up some quilt squares and that's as far as I got. So I'm looking at this furniture and thinking about that quilt I never finished and how nice it would look with the furniture. I got it out, bought some more fabric that I needed and I intend to finish it. I also got my run in today and cut out a few patterns -Simplicity It's so easy 4823, simplicity 2564 top and skirt, simplicity 2700 pants three pairs and Burda 8497 blouse. So it's been a productive day.

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