Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burda World Of Fashion

Burda 11/2008 103b:

Complexity Of Pattern: This had a two dot ratting in the Burda magazine. (easy to sew but more time consuming)

Fabric Used I used a ITY jersey knit that I got at It has a nice feel to it and was easy to work with.

How Long Did It Take: It was quick to make, no zippers or buttons and using my serger makes it a lot faster to whip up.

Changes To Pattern: I did not need to make any changes to this pattern. I traced a 38 and it fitted great due to the stretch in the fabric. I think with a fabric with out stretch I would need to trace a 40 for Burda.

Overall Review I love my new top. Again burda was a great fit on me. No adjustments needed on this pattern. Overall the instructions made sense, nothing to confusing There is not to many pattern pieces in this pattern so it's easy to see how it should all go together. I put some tape on the neck line to stop it from stretching out when I sewed it. ( I cannot remembered what this tape is called). I also decided to sew the sleeves in flat which I find to be a lot easier. I may make another one.

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