Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stitches of the knitted variety

The only sewing I have been doing lately is for my Etsy store that I hope to open soon.
I have managed to get some knitting in while I'm watching shows on  Netflicks.  Here's a couple of tops I knitted this past month.
This is the Lillian Top that's free on Ravelry. Here's the link for this cute summer top. I used Hobby Lobby's I love this cotton.
This top down Hoddie was also knitted in the same yarn. It's a really simple pattern to knit even for a newbie knitter like me. I found the pattern in  knit & Style magazine you can also find a link on Ravelry for this hoddie. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for stopping in.


  1. I can't believe you knitted that! I can crochet, but only simple scarves and hats. I'm always in awe of people who can knit/crochet clothing. Looks good!

  2. Love the hoodie! Thanks for visiting my blog so long ago! Glad to follow another seamstress!

  3. I love both knitted tops. The colors are fantastic! Good luck with your Etsy shop!

  4. Turkish Underwearing desing
    If you wisit me , I will be glad:)

  5. Firstly thank-you for befriending me on Ravelry.
    Your knitting looks fabulous and I hope your etsy shop works out really well for you.I have a shop there (currently closed until September) but if you'd like any help, please ask.


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